Our mission is to provide people with effective tools to improve mental health and well-being,
so that more people are able to lead more fulfilling lives.

What we do:

We sort though masses of research to identify proven strategies that have been shown to improve mental health, and increase academic, personal, and professional success. We translate research and theory into easy, bite-size practices, which have been compiled into two workbooks. These workbooks may be used as a self-help resource, or in conjunction with curricula that has been designed for educational and business settings.

We take a strengths-based approach that focuses on building resiliency and developing skills for thriving. This appeals to a broad audience and does not carry the stigma that is often associated with receiving mental health services.

"I just participated in a facilitated Resiliency Skills Training based on Jessica Gifford's book, Four Weeks to Wellness. I found the curriculum engaging, accessible, attainable and deeply empowering. The exercises brought me into a more trusting relationship with my own inner wisdom, truth and belonging. I can't recommend this book or this training enough!"
- Pete McLean, True North Facilitation

How we can help you:

Schools and colleges: We have created low-cost, easy-to-implement resiliency programs that have been shown to improve retention, academic performance, and significantly reduce rates of stress, depression and anxiety.

Businesses and organizations: We offer talks, workshops, and group coaching to promote employee wellness, engagement and productivity.

Individuals: In addition to our workbooks, we have a Facebook page for people who want to create positive change in their lives. You may also join our mailing list to be notified of workshops and courses.

Free Resiliency Facilitator’s Guide

Are you interested in offering an evidence-based wellness program on your campus or in your workplace? You may download a free Resiliency Skills Training (ReST) facilitator’s guide with detailed instructions on how to implement a 4-week group or online program.

The Four Weeks to Wellness workbook offers a careful selection of exercises--backed by research--to help readers improve their health and well-being, and prioritize what really matters to them. Exercises are focused on goal-setting, emotional skills, social connection, health, meaning, and self-talk. Four Weeks to Wellness is the companion workbook to the Resiliency Skills Training (ReST) program, which has been offered on several college campuses, receiving enthusiastic feedback and resulting in significant reductions in stress, anxiety and depression. If you are interested in offering ReST in your setting, you may download a free facilitators guide with detailed instructions on how to implement a 4-week group or online program. Orders of 35 or more workbooks may be purchased directly at a discount.

"I now feel I have a great set of tools to help reduce stress and increase happiness in my life."
-2016 ReST Participant

Actualize! offers a series of reflective writing exercises that provide step-by-step guidance to help you identify, prioritize, and accomplish what matters most to you. Each exercise is backed by research and has demonstrated effectiveness in helping people overcome challenges, achieve goals, and boost well-being.

Completing the exercises in Actualize! has been shown to improve mental health and well-being, boost academic and professional performance, and increase student retention rates. Orders of 35 or more workbooks may be purchased directly at a discount.

“This course helped me organize my thoughts and figure out how I want to spend my time. It helped me be way more focused in my classes than I would have been otherwise, and I made progress toward a goal I’d been procrastinating on.”
- 2018 Actualize! Participant