Our mission is to help people THRIVE

We are committed to providing tools that effectively alleviate stress, anxiety and depression
and help people become healthier, happier and more successful.

Thus began our journey to create online programs to improve mental health and well-being.
Our programs have the capacity to reach thousands of people at a time.

Who can benefit?

Our programs can be used by:

  • Schools and colleges to improve student mental health, academic performance and retention rates.

  • Businesses and organizations to promote employee wellness, engagement and productivity.

What we do:

We identify strategies for improving mental health and well-being that have been proven to work, so you don’t need to sort through the overwhelming mass of research, advice and misinformation.

We recognize that that there is a world of difference between knowing what works, and taking the steps to do those things. We help you bridge the gap between knowing and doing by providing a simple structure to support continuous progress. Our programs are enjoyable, and use motivational techniques to help you build skills and habits that support thriving.

Why use our programs?

Our programs are high impact. We use practices that have an established track record. Can you imagine the impact of your entire school or workplace engaging in this type of program? By reaching a large overall audience, we are able to maintain a low cost per individual.

Our programs are easy to implement and offer flexibility, allowing access at any time, from almost any location. 

Our focus on building strengths and teaching skills for thriving (rather than addressing problems) appeals to a broad range of people and reduces the stigma that is often associated with seeking mental health services.

Our programs are beneficial to anyone who wants to reduce stress, improve well-being, and lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life.


"I now feel I have a great set of tools to help reduce stress and increase happiness in my life."
-2016 ReST Participant