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I learned how much attending to these aspects of wellness make me a happier and more productive person, at work and at home.
- 2016 Participant

Our wellness programs are designed to improve employee mental health and wellness, which has a direct impact on the vitality, sustainability and profitability of your business or organization. It is estimated that employees who suffer from depression lose an average of 5.6 productive hours a week. Mental illness costs businesses more than any other health condition in lost hours of productive work, at an estimated $63 billion annually in the U.S. Employee wellness programs improve health, raise morale, and provide a healthy return on investment. 

Our programs engage employees in exercises demonstrated to reduce stress, anxiety and depression and improve performance.


Resiliency Skills Training (ReST)

ReST is an interactive online program designed to engage employees in exercises that improve health and well-being, and boost engagement.

ReST provides a menu of activities in 6 areas of wellness, giving employees the flexibility to choose activities that appeal to them, and schedule activities at their convenience. Employees appreciate their workplace making a commitment to wellness by providing the opportunity to participate in ReST, and report tangible stress reduction benefits. ReST uses motivational strategies and reminders to keep employees engaged, provides the science behind each exercise, and offers tips to reinforce healthy behaviors.

ReST is a ready-to-implement online program, taking 30-60 minutes over the course of a week. Suggestions for how to use ReST include:

  • As an organization-wide wellness program, such as a wellness challenge

  • As a departmental team-building activity

  • As part of your benefits package

To find out how to pilot ReST, or become a research partner and try ReST free of charge, contact Jessica Gifford, ReST will be available to purchase Jan 1, 2018.


    Programs to Improve Engagement and Prevent Burnout

    We offer low-cost, single-session programs, called 'mindset interventions' that can have a cumulative impact over time. They work by shifting a harmful attitude or mindset to a more positive one.

    Our ready-made mindset exercises help employees connect with the meaning in their work, capitalize on their strengths, and shift from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation. A typical mindset intervention takes 20-60 minutes to complete, and may consist of a short reading, video, or presentation, a reflective writing exercise, or a combination of these. If your organization is facing specific challenges, or you believe a particular mindset is undermining the performance or well-being of your employees, we can help you develop a customized intervention to target your specific needs. These exercises have been shown to improve performance, engagement, and persistence through difficulty.

    A Mindset Intervention is an online or in-person single-session program.

    To develop a customized intervention, or find out how to become a research partner and try an intervention free of charge, please contact Jessica Gifford,

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